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Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea, this ancestral drink has its origins in an ancient Asian tradition where it was called “Elixir of Long Life”… Kombucha is detoxifying, it strengthens the intestinal flora, helps digestion, provides vitality and what's more, it's delicious!

It was in 2019 that Stéphane created the BeKombucha brand in order to launch the first Walloon kombucha. BeKombucha, the healthy and tasty drink, is produced in Gembloux, in the province of Namur (Wallonia, Belgium). The BeKombucha craft brewery specializes in fresh kombucha, small regular brews to guarantee greater freshness. Our kombucha is unpasteurized to preserve the nutrients from fermentation.

Organic Ingredients

Green Tea, Verbena, Lemon Balm, Nettles

BeKombucha revisits the traditional black tea kombucha... Carefully selected ingredients for a more refined flavor and even more virtues: Sencha green tea (rich in anti-oxidant), Verbena & Lemon balm (soothing, relaxing), Nettles (remineralizing).

Beet Sugar

Did you know that the majority of drinks are made from cane sugar ?

For BeKombucha, we chose beet sugar which is a little more expensive but above all more local... On the other hand, the majority of our ingredients are of European origin.

Kombucha Mother

This organic kombucha ferment is like a mother of vinegar. It is a symbiosis of yeast, good bacteria and cellulose. This ferment is placed in the cooled sweet tea to start the fermentation process... We explain this to you in detail in the TV report below.

Our Kombuchas

BeKombucha Fresh

Our Premium BeKombucha Fresh range includes 8 flavors: Original (Verbana-Melissa), Hibiscus, Ginger-Lemon, Grapefruit, Passion, Apple-Spirulina, Elderflower and Pineapple. These flavors are naturally flavored with infusions or fruit juices, they are obviously chemical free and without added sugar. This so-called “Fresh” BeKombucha is produced on demand to guarantee the freshest kombucha possible. Available in 75cl returnable bottles, or in small bottles exclusively for the hospitality industry. Permanent refrigerator storage. Shelf life between 2 and 4 months depending on flavors.

Limited Edition

Discover our Limited Edition, an ephemeral recipe that changes several times a year. Currently it is BeKombucha Flower Power which is flavored with edible flowers that we grow organically especially for our drink. An ultra local limited edition with intoxicating flavors of citrus and passion fruit, without the fruit of course... Permanent storage in the fridge. Shelf life 2 months.


How about a drink that’s more festive and fun while still having the benefits of a live kombucha?

For the summer period and the end-of-year celebrations, we offer the BeKombucha “Mocktails” range (alcohol-free) ready to drink in small bottle format. All our mocktails must be kept in the fridge at all times because we are on the same basis of BeKombucha Fresh which is unpasteurized (to retain the benefits of fermentation). Permanent refrigerator storage. Shelf life 2 months.

BeKombucha is an artisanal production and it is impossible for us to prepare all the Mocktails recipes for each production. We will therefore offer you 2 Mocktails from this list and we will vary the pleasures...

Virgin Spritz, the iconic Italian cocktail revisited by BeKombucha for a more subtle taste, less sweet than the original and above all without alcohol...

Virgin Cuba Libre, the classic Cuban cocktail revisited Mocktail style with BeKombucha Original, vegetable cola and a touch of lime...

Virgin Daiquiri, the famous American cocktail revisited Mocktail style with BeKombucha Original and lots of strawberries...

Virgin Ti Punch, the West Indian aperitif revisited Mocktail style with BeKombucha Original and lots of limes...

Virgin Hurricane, the delicious Louisiana cocktail revisited Mocktail style with BeKombucha Original, passion fruit, pineapple and a hint of hibiscus...


Did you know that our BeKombucha Fresh range is half as sweet as the majority of kombuchas on the market? Because it makes no sense to us to produce a healthy drink with almost as much sugar as a soda !

But we want to go even further in our health approach by offering you a kombucha without any residual sugar. The first sip is surprising because our pallet is used to sugar but trying it is adopting it... 4 flavors: Elderflower, Spicy Ginger, Hibiscus, Yerba Mate.

Ambient storage but drink well chilled. Shelf life 1 YEAR.


2019 : RTBF Daily News 19H

TV report on the beginnings of BeKombucha. Filmed in the shared workshop of Artisans de Bossimé in Namur. 

2021 : RTL Tout s'explique 

I'm brewing a small batch for the show "Tout s'explique". Filmed in the BeKombucha workshop in Namur.

2022 : Trinquons Local

Eric Boschman tells us with humor all the good things he thinks about BeKombucha ;-)
2022: RTBF Filming for the show “On N'est Pas des Pigeons” in my new BeKombucha brewery in Gembloux.


The Taste ?

A drink with a delicate green tea taste, fruity, very little sweet, subtly sparkling, with a little tangy side which gives it a note of originality...

As an aperitif ?

BeKombucha will delight you with its subtle sparkling which could make you think of a sparkling wine but the comparison stops there because we are of course a non-alcoholic drink.

It can be served in a flute, it also goes very well in a cocktail or mocktail.

When ?

BeKombucha can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Green tea contains less theine than black tea. In addition, verbena and lemon balm are soothing and relaxing.

Cooking ?

The fairly neutral taste of BeKombucha Original Verbena-Lemon Balm allows a multitude of culinary applications...

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